Melissa Gutierrez Senior Real Estate Specialist

I focus on helping seniors buy and sell homes in Oregon State. I am a SRES. That is a Senior Real Estate Specialist. I have been expertly trained to specifically help senior in their later transitions.

Senior housing options
  • Understand the types of housing available for the 50+ market
  • Identify key life stages, viewpoints, and transitions in relation to housing choices
  • Recognize how a home can be adapted for safety, comfort, and aging in place

Counseling senior clients
  • Learn how reverse mortgages, pensions, 401(k) accounts, and IRAs impact real estate decisions
  • Identify mortgage finance and loan schemes and scams that victimize borrowers over the age of 50
  • Help clients integrate disposition of real property into estate plans
  • Ensure your transactions comply with federal laws, including the Housing for Older Persons Act (HOPA)
  • Stay focused on the transaction and avoid inappropriate involvement in family matters
  • Assemble a team of experts to help you serve ages 50+ clients and customers
  • Gain knowledge of how Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security affect your clients